The Science Behind Hello, Heart!

Hello, Heart! was created by a psychologist to help children and teens, alongside their caregivers, connect and grow emotionally.

The Science Behind Hello, Heart!

Hello, Heart! was created by a psychologist to help children and teens, alongside their caregivers, connect and grow emotionally.

Who Are We?

We believe in the importance of creating moments for connection.

The idea for Hello, Heart! Letters Near and Far is about resting an additional opportunity for connection and intention alongside development (which is like an engine within children and adolescents) and a developmental time that children and adolescents are working their way through. Development is a bumpy road and Hello, Heart! offers time to be together, help, and feel connected in meaningful ways.

Time for you, Time for Two!

What We Know & Believe

This letter is part of our Teen Collection Two.

Children are cared for by many important people. Hello, Heart! is a resource that supports families, educators, therapists, counselors, camp leaders and many others who are nurturing children’s emotional development. We strive to join you in caregiving experiences, where and when you need us.

We believe our stories (written as letters) help bring thinking to feeling, and feeling to thinking. We believe these stories invite the reader(s) to not know exactly where things will go or take them and find themselves repeatedly amazed and delighted by the meaningful connections that reveal themselves.

Each Story is Designed To

Enhance Emotional Learning


Stories designed to forge connections with caregivers give children and teens a safe place to explore complex emotions. As The Psychological Power of Storytelling describes, “stories transcend generations, they engage us through emotions, and they connect us to others.”


We work hard with you to make sure everyone gets to experience what helps bring meaning to life, including love and joy. Our whimsical illustrations and unexpected twists delight Hello, Heart! readers, creating opportunities to expand minds and hearts! 


Awe-inspiring settings, curious questions, and thoughtful prompts are designed to inspire. As neuroscientist Uri Hasson asserts, “A story is the only way to activate parts of the brain so that a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience.”

Connection & Intention

Supporting the well-being of children and teenagers is not about a set destination, perfection, or constantly exhibiting qualities of good mental health at the highest levels. 

Children and teenagers are continuously trying to make emotional sense, on their developmental level, of what they are experiencing. Hello, Heart! Letters Near and Far offers an intentional approach to help listen to what they are thinking and feeling. Expressing interest in your child or adolescent’s feelings helps them recognize, value, and learn from their emotional experiences and responses. 

Monthly Stories In The Mail

Words and illustrations that comfort, inspire, and delight!

Hello, Heart! Letters Near and Far helps adults create opportunities for important conversations about tough moments and good moments so that children and teens can see they are not alone with all they may be thinking and feeling.

Kind Words From Our

Hello, Heart! Readers

Our girls look forward to their Hello, Heart! envelope to arrive every month! I never knew this small envelope could bring our family as much as it does.

Jerry C.

North Carolina

“I’m loving the teen collection just as much as my daughter does. Thank you for these wonderful stories and activities that help us talk about emotions and other topics.”

Heidi O.


“I found a section full of emotional well-being things and realized it was YOUR STUFF! I was so excited and bought one of everything for both home and my classroom. Once I got it home and started looking more, I just fell in love. Your books and resources are absolutely amazing! I am so excited to use this stuff with my own kids and my students.”

Allison T.