I’m Feeling… Poster


The I’m Feeling… Poster offers twelve images to help jump-start conversations and discussions about feelings with children as young as age 3. The eye-catching emotion-ful animals are part of the Emotion-ful Connection Cards. Used here, the colorful and engaging illustrations are designed to help children (alongside their important adults) recognize, understand and label feelings.

This poster makes a wonderful addition to cozy corners, bedrooms, play areas, hallways, classrooms, early care and learning centers, libraries and offices. It’s thick, high-quality paper highlights the wonderfully illustrated animals and it’s a perfect gift for friends or educators. Talk about feelings anywhere at any time!

Product Details:

  • Vertical/portrait orientation, 11 x 17 (laminated)
  • Price includes shipping within the United States


Product Details


Free shipping within the United States

Product Type

Laminated print (frame not included)


11 x 17


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