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Be Ready Explorers

Join JD, Myah, Parker, Evey, and Dean as they embark on emotion-ful adventures across the globe.

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Be Ready Explorers 


JD revs up just as fast as his dirt bike, and those around him don’t always appreciate his intensity. When his temper is tame, JD rocks out as the life of the party. But he would rather be at home, curled up with a comic book and a puppy, if only his parents weren’t allergic.


Evey doesn’t mind it when people call her an herb-whisperer or tree-hugger. In fact, sometimes she’s more comfortable with plants—and her parakeet, Pompey—than she is with people. Evey spends her days outside and digging into the past, but her biggest discovery will be the bravery and self-worth that’s hiding inside her.


Myah is as mellow as the aqua waters of a Caribbean sea. You can also find tropical flavors in the junior chef’s famous pineapple jerk chicken recipe! When she’s not in the kitchen, Maya is  scuba diving with sea turtles, starfish, and other ocean creatures. Both her friends and her axolotl, Tito, love to bask in the warmth of Maya’s patient personality.


Parker has never seen a road not taken. She’s always blazing new trails or relaxing beside favorite fishing holes with her rabbit, Clausse, by her side. Parker may seem tough and feisty, but there’s more to this nature-loving kid than meets the eye.


Dean wants to go up, up, up—to shoot beyond the worries of his world. His thoughts drift to stars and galaxies by day, and by night he explores alien planets in his dreams. While Dean hasn’t found a rocket able to launch him just yet, he climbs rock walls to get as far away from his anxiety as gravity allows.


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