“My children settled in to read this first story and I could almost see their bodies relax in a new way. Thank you, Hello, Heart!”

I read this story to a group of children I am working with this summer. The focus of our group is strengthening emotional awareness, understanding, and regulation. The children were able to relate and have started sharing and drawing about their own experiences. They want to know if Miss Mousy can receive letters at the Great Oak!”

Our oldest enjoyed the first teen story and is hoping each letter includes a golden leaf!”

I wasn’t sure at first which version I might choose and went with the younger child version. My child wants to make a binder for all of her stories so I may just need to order two to have one for myself – I love Hello, Heart!”

How It Works

Send a story, widen a heart!

Helping children and teens navigate everyday challenges and continue to grow in caring, confident, and creative ways


Subscribe for $6 to find an envelope filled with an illustrated letter, field notes, and a heart map that teaches about emotions.

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Your letter will be mailed between the 10th and 13th of every month in a custom-addressed envelope specifically for you.

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Each monthly adventure helps children and teens explore and build emotional skills.

Take a peek inside our first teen letter, Surprises at the Great Oak!

Here We Grow

Strengthening Emotional Wellness For All Children

We are dedicated to strengthening emotional wellness for all children, alongside their special caregivers. Based in the Midwest, we ship out hand-illustrated, heart-warming stories with inspirational, relatable characters for children and teens worldwide.

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What’s Included

Each month you’ll receive an illustrated letter and story, field notes, a heart map, and postcard for sending to someone special. We are known for adding little surprises along the way, too! Every adventure invites children and teens along the emotional growth journey of various explorers and is inspired by a new skill and heartfelt tale. Choose your plan and age range and never miss an adventure!

Illustrated Letter And Story

Discover a 2-page story with words and illustrations that comfort, inspire, and delight

Field Notes

Experience an adventure sealed and mailed with care and field notes for curiosities

Heart Map

Untangle and understand feelings with an interactive heart map


Receive a postcard to share or artwork to keep


See Why Our Adventurers Love Their Letters

“Our two children, ages 5 and 8, LOVE Hello, Heart! The illustrations are wonderful and the heart map was so easy for all of us to follow. The heart map is now part of our bedtime routine as we talk through our day.”


Mother Of Two

“Hello, Heart! is going to help heal hurts and change hearts. A true treasure that helps you feel cared for the moment you see it in your mailbox. I can’t wait to see what comes next!”


Mother Of Three

I read the first Hello, Heart! story to children in ten different classrooms and we can’t wait to hear more about the springtime potion. The words in the story were relatable and just right – the right ones in all the right ways. And, the reflection questions came in so handy for ongoing discussions.”


Elementary School Counselor

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Welcome to Hello, Heart! Letters Near and Far. Each month, open your mailbox to find the latest Hello, Heart! letter addressed to you.

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Purchase A Collection

Hello, Heart! Letters Near and Far is an ongoing adventure, written as letters that are strung together across time. I like to think of each letter as a little part of a larger story. This way you can choose to subscribe to receive a letter each month or purchase a collection. Hello, Heart! collections are six letters bundled together and mailed to you all at one time.

The letters are mailed to you altogether at once, as six separate letters and include field notes, a heart map, reflection questions, and special surprises all designed with care to help awaken hearts. 

What is a "collection" of letters?

A collection of letters is a group of 6 letters that follow the same storyline. Right now, we have our first two collections ready. Collection 3 will be ready beginning in April of 2024. If you purchase this collection, you will receive all six separate letters along with field notes, heart map, reflection questions, and special surprises, in one care package. Imagine yourself placing a letter under a child’s pillow for six weeks in a row or bringing all six letters with you as you head out on an adventure in the car or your child heads to camp.

How are collections different from the monthly or annual subscriptions?

When you subscribe to our Hello, Hearts! letters monthly or annually, you will receive the assigned letter for that month. Every month thereafter, you will receive the next letter.

When you purchase a collection of letters, all letters in that collection will be sent to you altogether, at one time. These letters are not eligible to be sent out monthly. You will receive the entire collection of letters together in one care package

Our Mission

Connect, Heal, and Grow Emotionally

Our mission is to help children or teens and their caregivers connect, heal, and grow emotionally by using clinical psychology, heart-warming stories, and inspirational, relatable characters.

Meet Kristin

The mother, psychologist, and adventurer behind Hello, Heart! and Be Ready Explorers

I have been working with children, families, educators and other clinicians for over twenty years. I have a private practice, Positive Pathways LLC, and started Paratus, where I research and share online resources and information around being ready.

Along the way, I wanted something that could help children see and feel ready for life’s adventure moments – meet, Be Ready Explorers. Be Ready Explorers is for girls and boys ages 5-12 years. In kid-friendly ways, it offers targeted experiences for emotional learning.

And now, more recently, I’ve been learning how valuable a resource like this can be. People have shared how these “care packages” made a difference and the warmth they felt from receiving something in the mail, just for them. People also shared how they were searching for additional ways to feel nurtured, connected, and hopeful – meet, Hello, Heart!

And, so…the adventure continues.

Available now

Tween & Teen Adventures (12 yrs +)

Embark on an emotion-ful adventure through letters for teens (and the young at heart) through words and illustrations that comfort, inspire, and delight. Each hand-illustrated letter comes with an interactive heart map and field notes from each explorer. 

Hello, Heart!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my letter mail each month?

All monthly letters will be packaged with care and mailed between the 10th and the 13th. This means, depending on your location, you should expect to find your letter in the mailbox before the end of the month. For our international customers, you may need to wait just a bit longer.

When should I sign up?

We’re glad you’re here! If you subscribe BEFORE the 8th of the month, your first letter will mail between the 10th and the 13th. If you subscribe AFTER the 8th of the month, your first letter will mail within the next 7 business days. Why the wait? From the beginning, we knew that each Hello, Heart! letter would be designed, folded, and mailed with care especially for you and this process takes time. We hand stuff, stamp, and mail each letter so that when it arrives, you know you were thought of.

What happens if I don’t receive my letter?

Hello, Heart! Letters Near and Far are sent all over the world via USPS and sometimes letters go missing! Please allow up to 4 weeks from the date you subscribe to receive your letter (6 weeks for international). If it hasn’t arrived by then, send an email to: hello@bereadyexplorers.com or share a message using the contact form here. We’d be more than happy to get a replacement letter out to you as soon as possible. If it’s your first letter, please also verify your address for us so that we can make sure your custom envelope is correctly addressed. 

When are the letters mailed?

Your first letter will be mailed shortly after your first charge. Your subscription will then charge on the 8th of each month and your letter will be mailed between the 10th and the 13th. 

What age group are the letters designed for?

All ages! Adults and children alike will enjoy Hello, Heart!. For very young children, we recommend the child version (designed with ages 5-11 years in mind). The tween/teen/young at heart version was designed for ages 12 years +.

How many should I order?

You are welcome to order one for your family, one for each member of the family, or a different version depending on age and interest (child or teen). 

If you would like to purchase Hello, Heart! letters for a classroom, therapy group, homeschool group, library (including free little libraries), etc., please contact us to discuss your idea! 

Do you mail letters internationally?

We do indeed. The only difference is a slightly higher postage price - $1.40 for an international stamp.

What can I expect to find in my letters?

Each month’s adventure includes an illustrated letter and story, field notes, a heart map, and postcard for sending to someone special. We are known for adding little surprises along the way, too!

Each adventure letter invites children and teens (alongside their special adult caregivers) along the emotional growth journey of various explorers and is inspired by a new skill and heartfelt tale. 

Just choose your plan and age range and never miss an adventure!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you certainly can. To cancel, skip a month, or change your address, login and view your account page here. Your username and password were set up during check-out. From your account, you can complete any of the above tasks. And of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

I meant this as a gift. Can I change the address? What should I do?

Please email us at hello@bereadyexplorers.com – we’ll update the address and if you’re not able to get the letter to the special person you are sending to, we will resend the letter using the new address so they can feel the surprise, comfort, and joy from receiving their first Hello, Heart! letter in the mail.

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Connecting hearts near and far

Children and teens are inspired to learn about emotions, explore within, and connect with the world around them with the support of monthly engaging adventure stories. Discover a new way to share emotional learning with a child or teenager in your life through words and illustrations that comfort, inspire, and delight.

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